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Service Charges for Revere Clock Rotors and Motors.
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The following link is for Service charges for clock motors, clock rotors, and clock coils, both for service and for sale.

Here's a summary and all details are below the summary. In essence I offer 3 levels of service and the rotor has a 2-year warranty: 1) Rotor rebuilding only; $165.00 when you remove and install the rebuilt rotor. 2) You sending in the clock and I rebuild the rotor and do the removing and the installation $260.00. B-3 rotor rebuilding $150.00 Labor $50.00 Shipping via UPS ground $60.00 Total $260.00 3) You send in the clock and I rebuild both the rotor and movement where everything has a 2-year warranty except the coil, which is tested and normally does not need to be replaced and costs $710.00. B-3 rotor rebuilding $150.00 Overhauling the movement $500.00 Shipping via UPS ground $60.00 Total $710.00 The rotor only takes 3 to 4 weeks and the last two take 4 to 6 months and before you ask it is a function of how much work awaits me in the Clinic and the effort they require.
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Telechron, G.E., Herschede and Revere Electric Clocks Introduction.
You're just taken your electric clock to a local repair place and they state that these parts are no longer available and that they suggest a battery operated replacement. My advise is to RUN as fast as you can. They are correct in that these parts are no longer being manufactured, since about 1980. BUT I can rebuild any motor (actually called the rotor in this case) back to the original factory specifications. Telechron made "motors" for all of the brands mentioned and those motors are extremely reliable. But after 40, 50 or even 80 years, these motors begin to fail. The Telechron motor consists of three parts and those parts are the rotor (B-2, H-3, B-3 etc.), the field which are the "arms" that surround the rotor's end, and the coil (W-60, W-72, etc,), which slides onto the field and the electric wires are attached to the coil. Most times (about 80%) it is the rotor that fails. I rebuild your original or replacement rotor and I have every coil in stock. And these rotors and coils carry a 2-year warranty. Complete rotor rebuilding information is located at: The important thing to remember is that I never do more than is needed and the clock always stays original, as sent to me, or I refuse the work and if the rotor was replaced with an aluminum replacement, you can always purchase an original rebuilt rotor that was installed at the time of manufacture. An original replacement will increase your costs and it varies by the rarity of the rotor. Return to Index
Specific rotor rebuilding.
If you have the original rotor or a rotor that you'd like rebuilt, that is not a problem and the link below covers that. If you do not have the original rotor and want one rebuilt and installed, then the costs go up and the link below explains that as well. If you just want the rotor rebuilt, that's fine but it does not guarantee that it will solve the clock's problems. Most likely it will but I can't guarantee that fact. I still warranty the rotor but not the clock itself if we just deal with the rotor. I can test the rotor, and coil independently of the clock, so we can deal with that separately and I do work on rotors, and coils without the necessity of sending the entire clock. Complete rotor rebuilding information is located at: You can see the rotor rebuilding procedure at the following link. Rotor Rebuilding Procedure
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How Old is Your Chiming Electric Clock?
If you open or remove the back door on your Herschede, Revere, or G.E. chiming clock, you will see an embossed number. This number is usually located at the lower right on the movement (mechanism). Every once in a while the number is lower center. With this number you can look up the date of its manufacturer.
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My Warranty.
Any overhaul work I perform or any part I replace carries a 2-year warranty. This includes the rotor, coil and mechanical overhaul on the movement. When I clean and oil a movement as part of a rotor overhaul that movement is not warranted but I'll have examined it in order to ascertain whether or not it needs an overhaul or if a cleaning is all that's needed. Typically the cleaning is all that is needed for the movement (mechanism).
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Rebuilding other Clock Motors, other Electric Clocks, and General Information.
I can and do all types of electric clocks and their motors or rotors including movement overhauling. Complete motor and rotor rebuilding information is located at: I NEVER do more than is necessary unless the customer insists. If you just want the rotor or motor rebuilt, that's fine but it does not guarantee that it will solve the clock's problems. Most likely it will but I can't guarantee that fact. I still warranty the rotor or motor but not the clock itself if we just deal with the rotor or motor. I can test the motor, rotor, and coil independently of the clock, so we can deal with that separately and I do work on motors, rotors, and coils without the necessity of sending the entire clock. The way I proceed, assuming the clock comes here, is first test the coil, then test the rotor. If any trouble lies in these areas, then I act accordingly and then test the clock for function. As stated earlier, this procedure solves the clock's problems about 80% of the time. If either one or both does not solve the problem then it's on to the overhaul. If it does not have a rotor, (this would be a clock other than a Telechron, Revere, Herschede or G.E.) then its first test the motor and if that's good then on to the overhaul. I realize this may all be confusing but I never do more than is needed and the clock always stays original, as sent to me, or I refuse the work. Parts either purchased or made by another will be an additional charge. My charge for shipping and handling is $60.00 if the whole clock come here. Included at that price is from $200 to $900 of UPS insurance depending on the age of the piece. All other parts will be extra. Most rebuilt original motors and rotors sell for between $100.00 and $150.00 plus shipping. Original coils are $100.00 plus shipping. For more rotor/motor information please see: There's never any hidden extras to the prices quoted above. Once testing starts it is performed in two parts. The first test is the function test to ascertain whether or not my overhaul was satisfactory. Then the second test is the timing test which takes about a week and during this test period I use either the U.S. Postal Service to mail you a copy of the invoice or bill via E-mail and I expect payment in the form mentioned below. I shipped when both the payment and the testing period have been satisfied. Normally shipping takes place one week or so after I receive payment. Please be sure to double box the clock and insure it for at least $200. By double box I mean to pack the 1st and 2nd boxes as if you were going to ship each independent from the other one. Be sure to pack your clock well with minimal tape because when I unpack I try to save your packing material and a lot of packing tape prevents me from recycling. Please be sure to ask for 100% biodegradable packing peanuts or purchase them yourself. Please do NOT use shredded paper because it is extremely messy and drives me crazy. I use a 24" x 9" x 9" as the first box and then use a 28" X 12" x 12" box for the second. My turnaround is 3 to 4 weeks for motor/rotor service, 4 to 6 months if the clock is sent with the motor/rotor, or the movement is overhauled and expedited service adds $100.00 for rotor only service and doubles the labor on the movement overhaul. There is usually a saw like 2 blade system in the clock to secure the chime rods for shipping. Please be sure that is engaged for safe shipping. If they are gone or not there then I use a piece of small bubbled bubble wrap and fold it over once and then weave it in and out of the chime rods. A one inch wide strip is all that is needed. This is easy to remove and prevents the chime rods of rattling during shipping and breaking. If one or more breaks then that adds $50.00 to install a set of tuned rods which has to be done because replacing only one or two rods throws the whole tune out of pitch. Expedited service take about 2 weeks for motor/rotor service, one month if the clock is sent with motor/rotor, or the movement needs to be overhauled. With anywhere from 40 to 80 clocks in house waiting for their overhaul, I do offer a wait list service. Meaning that I place you on my wait list and it is as if the clock came in that day and you've just established your place on my "to do" list. Once the calendar comes within about 3 weeks of your clock being worked on, I E-mail and ask you to ship your clock at that time. Please only ask for wait list service if you are sure you will send the clock in for repair and not just to have a place in line while you continue to shop around for another who services your clock. I say this because it does take time to record, follow a protocol, and make contact when the waiting period is over. It's extremely frustrating to make contact and then to be ignored or to be told you have gone with another. Please do your research before you ask to be wait listed. To have your clock overhaul wait listed please E-mail. I do NOT wait list motors or rotors or electric clocks that do not need to be overhauled. The general wait on the wait list is a year. Please remove and include the pendulum if the clock has one, most electrics do not have a pendulum so don't knock yourself out trying to find one. Old parts are returned by request only. Return to Index
Who Does the Work?
It should be known that ALL work is done in house and by me personally. The exception is fabricating a new replacement part, which is very rare. Return to Index
Please do not send any money or check with the clock. However, if you are sending a Telechron rotor only, prepayment is always welcomed because of the relatively short turn around time. I would like payment by money order, certified check, personal check, business check, or through Pay Pal or Square, which is the only way I take credit cards. I do prefer a check over Pay Pal or Square because Pay Pal and Square take 3%. I only take credit cards if you are in the USA or Canada. The 3% is added to the total bill if you use a credit card. With Pay Pal you can pay me directly using "friends and family" where you absorb all fees and I'm paid the full amount. There would be nothing added amount to the final fill if you absorb all fees. Here you log on to Pay Pal and send me the full amount of my bill, so there is no E-voice coming from me with this method and you will be charged all Pay Pal fees on top of my final bill. With either Pay Pal or Square, I will send an invoice to your E-mail address. Here you are dealing directly with either service and not me. You do not have to be a member of Pay Pal or Square in order to issue a payment but the 3% will be added to your total bill. All of the added fees are exactly what either service charges me for taking your credit card. If you decide not to go ahead with the repair, then I return the clock via UPS. The charge will be $50.00 labor, plus my standard shipping and the insurance charges ($60.00). This total works out to be $100.00 for a clock returned unrepaired after my estimate. I do not do any work, repair, or refinishing on the case. Return to Index
These are simply all the possibilities and I'd need to see the movement in order to make the best determination. Respectfully, Michael P. Murray Memberships Include: National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors An Internet private E-mailing list called Clocksmiths N.A.W.C.C. National 400-day Clock Chapter # 168 A service from, E-mail address: Mike Murray Founder of Clocksmiths A specialist in Atmos and 400-day clock repair. Also, I overhaul most plug in electric clocks. In continuous service since 04/01/1982.

Mike's Clock Clinic Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC 1600 Maryland Avenue Myrtle Point, OR 97458-1508 Phone: 541-559-1090 or 877-286-6762
I'd prefer all contact via E-mail but if you must call, please do so.

My main Web site is located at Main FTP site is located at Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC N.A.W.C.C. International 400-day Clock Chapter # 168 Published in Chapter 168's "Torsion Times" Published in AWCI's "Horological Times" Formally AWCI's 400-day (Anniversary) clock Bench Course Instructor!

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